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Ann Stubbings - class governor

11 February 2009 Tracey Johnstone

International governor Ann Stubbings with Etchells Godson and sailor of the future, Sam Ede

"International governor Ann Stubbings with Etchells Godson and sailor of the future, Sam Ede"

Photo by:
Amanda Coates

Melbourne fleet member and former fleet captain, Ann Stubbings, has been appointed in 2009 as a Governor of the International Etchells Class for a third successive time.

Australia has four elected Governors in addition to two appointed positions on the International Governing Committee due to the size of Australia's participation in the Etchells class.

The International Governing Committee is responsible for the business and affairs of the class including liaison with ISAF on One-Design Rules. The Governors of class are appointed for a period of 2 years.

The 43 year-old lawyer sees the most important aspect of her Governor role is "to provide a different perspective to the council".

Stubbings has been competing in the Etchells class for 10 years crewing for her brother Peter. Her most recent event was the 2009 national championship where the Mens Shirts team finished 26th.

"Governors do a lot of work behind the scenes. They talk by email during the year and meet face to face once a year. There are also sub-committees for rule changes, standard of racing and to deal with world championship," Stubbings said.

On the future of the Etchells class Stubbings is confident the class is in a very good position. "I think it (the class) will continue to be attractive to people given the caliber of the competition and the caliber of the people being drawn to sail in the fleet. Obviously maintaining the one-design rule is fundamental to that. In Australia the interest in phenomenal."

2009 International Governors and Council

2009 International Governing Council
Chairman & Governor - Bill Steele (Australia)
Vice Chairman & Governor - Greg Hefler (USA)
ODT Chairman & Governor - Chris Clark (USA)
Treasurer & Governor - David Ritchard (Australia)
Glenn Burton (USA)
Chris Busch (USA)
Marco Cimarosti (Italy)
Jake Gunther (Australia)
David Healey (Australia)
Tom Hughes (USA)
Dan O'Grady (Ireland)
Kent Paisley (Canada)
Tim Patton (Bermuda)
Ian Kingsford Smith (Australia)
Ann Stubbings (Australia)
Ronald Thompson (UK)
Mark Thornburrow (Hong Kong)
Chief Measurer
Denis Heywood (Australia)
Executive Secretary
Sherri Campbell (USA)


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