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Cronulla: Looking for growth with expanded fleet and renovated clubhouse

1 September 2009 Howard Blowes

Cronulla fleet's hardstand area at Cronulla Sailing Club

"Cronulla fleet's hardstand area at Cronulla Sailing Club"

Photo by:
Howard Blowes

The Cronulla Fleet, with 11 boats at the moment and no shortage of crew, is an important division of the Cronulla Sailing Club, which is a fairly active sailing club.

The local sailors are pretty keen to get on board when they can, but normally we are fairly full up with crew, which is terrific.

Our new sailing program kicks off with Safety Day on 5 September and the first race day on Saturday 19 September. We usually race about three out of four weekends during the summer season.

Two of the fleet are planning to compete in the Spring Regatta at Lake Macquarie in October and around four will compete in this year's Nationals.

With the second stage of the club due to open early next year, it should be a great place for sail out of and we expect the fleet to grow. We have a new pontoon in and a brand new crane and a nice concrete hardstand. Once the new club extension is open it will be sensational with a great view of Gunnamatta Bay.

We are looking for growth so we are planning in the future to do some promotional things for Open Days/Try Etchells sailing days.

Howard Blowes
Cronulla Fleet Captain


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