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What is the process for amending Etchells One Design rules ?

24 August 2009 Ian Kingsford Smith

Australian Etchells Association

"Australian Etchells Association"

The process for proposing amendments to the Etchells Class One Design Rules is set out in Clause 13 of the Etchells Class Association Rules which can be viewed in their entirety on the International Class website at By reference in Association Rule 10, the same process applies to amendments proposed to the One Design Rules.

Proposals to amend the IECA Association Rules or the One Design Rules may be made only by ISAF, the IGC or the National Association following a vote of at least a majority of its eligible voting members.

If an Australian member wishes to propose an amendment to the Association or One Design Rules the following steps are to be taken:

1. Submit a detailed proposal to his or her fleet;
2. If the fleet supports the proposal it is to be referred to the Australian International Etchells Class Association of Australia for consideration;
3. If the IECA of Australia supports it by majority vote of fleet captains and office bearers, a proposal is submitted to the IGC for consideration;
4. The IGC may decide to refer issues involving proposed changes to the One Design Rules to the One Design Technical Committee for a recommendation;
5. The IGC considers the proposal and puts it to the first ensuing Annual or Special General Meeting of Members in accordance with Clause 13.B;
6. If the proposal is supported by a majority of Members present at an Annual or Special General Meeting in accordance with Clause 13.C, it is submitted in writing to a worldwide ballot of all of Active Members;
7. To be approved at a ballot of Members, the proposed amendment must receive the support of two-thirds of all Active Members who vote as required in Clause 13.C;
8. If the proposal is supported by a two-thirds majority of Active Members who vote, it is forwarded to ISAF for their consideration and approval as required by the agreement between the IECA and ISAF; and
9. If finally approved by ISAF, the rule change can take effect on 1 March following the ISAF approval as detailed in Clause 13.D.

It is a long, but thorough and comprehensive process. Changes to the One Design Rules have followed this process in the past and the only exceptions where the process has been short-circuited is where there is a question of safety which ISAF may decide to approve without the proposal having gone through every step of the process.

There are currently issues being discussed that may result in changes being proposed to the One Design Rules so it is prudent to advise members of the various steps that need to be taken as per the class rules. Any member intending to propose an amendment should follow this process and should not by-pass any of the required steps outlined above.

The appendices, on the other hand, can be amended by the IGC and do not need to go through the same detailed approval process. Former International Class Secretary, John McConnell, provided the following brief some years ago; "the Appendices are principally 'Competition Rules'. The One Design Rules and Appendix A are specifically incorporated into Association Rule 10, which is binding on every Etchells Class Member. Appendices B, C & D are sub-sets of Appendix A. Appendix H just saves time trying to find an old Rule Book. Appendix J is a convenient place for the contract with ISAF. The remaining appendices are for guidance. The Appendices do not have any one-design or construction rules which is why they can be amended by the IGC without the approval of ISAF".


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