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Report from the 2009 Annual General Meeting

7 September 2009 National Executive

Australian Etchells Association

"Australian Etchells Association"

Fleet Captains and the National Executive met in Melbourne on 3 August for the Etchells Class Association of Australia Annual General Meeting. A range of key issues of interest to all class members were discussed.

Annual subscription fees for 2009/10 will be maintained at the current levels. Changes however have been made to the costs associated with the sale of new boats. Until 31 December 2011, the builder's fee is to be reduced from $1,500 to $500 for sales of new Pacesetter hulls to Australian owners. For the first year after an Australian owner purchases a new Pacesetter hull between now and 31 December 2011, the association will now cover the cost of Australian association membership subscriptions, that is one Active and two Associates for 3 person crews, and one Active and three Associates for 4 person crews.

Additionally, the builder's fee is to be reduced from $2,500 to $1,500 for overseas owners purchasing a new Pacesetter hull provided they use the boat in a class sanctioned event in Australia before exporting it. However, the builder's fee is to remain at $2,500 for overseas owners who do not sail the new boat in an Australian class sanctioned event.

Online Payment of Subscriptions
A new system of online payment for subscriptions will be available by October 2009. This will result in a significant change in the procedure for collecting subscriptions. It is intended the association will collect both the national and fleet component of the fees, and remit the fleet portion to the fleet on a regular basis. The online system will include three levels of security access; National Executive level, Fleet level and Membership level.

Election of Office Bearers 2009/10
The following class members have been voted into positions on the Executive for the 2009/10 year; Noel Paterson - President; Jake Gunther - Vice President; Ian Kingsford Smith - Secretary; David Healey - Assistant Secretary; David Ritchard - Treasurer.

Technical Issues
The Executive discussed and agreed upon supporting the following recommendations to the International Governing Committee; reinstating the previously eliminated maximum yacht weight of 1,565kg and introducing a maximum weight while racing of 30kg for all uncontrolled items such as food, water, tow line, anchor line, tools, spares and so on, but does not include currently controlled items such as crew gear, anchor and chain, floor boards and sails.

Correspondence from Whale Spars outlining the reasons for the modification to the spreaders and sockets, that has been the subject of recent discussion, was discussed with the Executive fully supporting the ODT Committee's ruling that the modifications to the spreaders and sockets were illegal.

2012 World Championship
Jan Muysken of the Sydney Fleet reported on the plans for the 2012 Worlds in Sydney dates of which have been set for 21 February to 1 March 2012. Prior to these worlds the Pittwater Fleet will host the NSW State Championship and then the Sydney Fleet will host the National Championship on the same course as that proposed for the 2012 World Championship.

Class B and C Sanctioned Events
A set of guidelines for Organising Authorities to use when planning Etchells class B and C sanctioned events in Australia was adopted by the meeting. The document supplements what is already required under the class rules and outlined in the class appendices by bringing the various requirements together in one document and detailing the verification procedures that Organising Authorities should follow.

It was agreed unanimously that the June long-weekend Mooloolaba Winter Championship, which has become a major event on the Etchells calendar, be classified as a Class C sanctioned event.

Cronulla Fleet
It was pleasing to hear that the Cronulla Fleet has again become affiliated after an absence of two years. But regrettably, the Botany Bay fleet has now been disbanded.


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