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Etchells, capturing the spirit

17 June 2009 Tracey Johnstone

Etchells, capturing the spirit

"Etchells, capturing the spirit"

Released during the Musto Etchells Winters, Etchells, capturing the spirit is a wonderful book about the people, the place and the competition of the Etchells Australian Winter Championship in Mooloolaba from 2004 through to 2008.

Through Peter Duncan's stunning photographs of this icon event and Tracey Johnstone's words, four years of Etchells racing from the winters and World Championship in 2004 through to the 2008 winters, is captured in this limited edition coffee-table style book.

Etchells sailor and America's Cup winning skipper John Bertrand AM in introducing the book typifies the spirit of the Etchells class and the Mooloolaba winter's event.

"The Etchells class offers the toughest one-design racing in the country, bar none. The best of the best compete in this class. Any higher and you enter the realms of the fully professional scene; the Olympics or the America's Cup.

"I love all aspects of the Etchells. The camaraderie, the closeness of competition, the cut and thrust of high level tactics. One mistake and you're a goner, it doesn't get any better than that!

"I've competed in the Mid-Winters since the early 90s and I enjoy coming back each year to Mooloolaba. The venue is unique; world-class. Racing conditions on the bay and on the ocean are second to none. Organisation of the regatta is world-class.

"The on-shore facilities in terms of restaurants and apartment accommodation is really a superb environment to hold a regatta. All of that combines to make the Mid-Winter championship a must attend regatta for the Etchells.

"The Etchells class goes from strength to strength. The class and racing has never been stronger. The winning formula appears to be strict one-design rules and excellent organisation.

"The introduction of young people into the class through the new four-man teams has been a wonderful stimulus to the class and the racing with new ideas and new thinking. Combined with the comradeship amongst Australia's finest yachtsmen and you have what now is really a unique event.

"I forgot the weather! Beautiful one day. Superb the next."

Etchells, capturing the spirit has recorded the highs and lows of each of the last four winter Etchells events, the winners, the fighters, the competitors, the volunteers and the magic of racing off Mooloolaba in warm winter breezes.

This is a book that can sit proudly on any sailor's bookshelf to be enjoyed for years to come.

The full-colour photo book is now available for $50 and can be purchased by contacting Peter Duncan or through Boat Books Australia.

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