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Presidents Report

30 June 2017 David Ritchard

David Ritchard

"David Ritchard"

The conclusion of the Midwinters marks the end of an extremely successful sailing cycle. A detailed report of the Midwinters is elsewhere in this issue, however I would like to express my congratulations to GT, Mothy and Nugget for their second win in the event, and particularly to the Lazarus like comeback in the last race. The volunteers at Mooloolaba led by Trevor Martin and Warren Myles did a great job, and of course the race management of the Wilsons was as close to perfect as you can get.

In the last newsletter, I advised the resignation of and expressed my thanks to Denis Heywood as our measurer. Australian Sailing have now appointed Rozetta Payne and Heath Walters as our new national measurers. Heath will be working with Bill Abbott, our international measurer, at the upcoming Worlds in San Francisco to get a handle on how matters work.

World Sailing has ratified the forward profile template, and that will be in use at that regatta. That template tests the round of the leading edge of the keel and the distance from station three to the front of the keel. Further whilst not official templates, with the assistance of our builder, Phil Smidmore, a set of four touch templates have been developed to gauge the radius of the garboard. These are applied at 200 mm spacing along the top of the keep at roughly the location of the sump plug that is, where the fibreglass of the moulded boat and the lead of the keel come together.

The purpose of the combination of these templates is ensure that in accordance with the rules, there has been no interference, or attempts to alter the moulded shape of the boat. The benefit of this application is it enables a quick test to ensure compliance and puts members minds at ease that their boat is compliant.

We will be encouraging Fleets to apply these tests to all members’ boats in an organised and controlled manner, so as to ensure compliance across the board. If during this process a boat is considered not to be fully compliant, a test jig, referred to as the ‘iron maiden’, can be applied to determine to the millimetre the keel thickness, and if needs be, advice given on areas needing rectification.

We have the Worlds coming up in Brisbane in 2018 and the last thing any competitor wants is to be advised of rectification work needed in the few short hours prior to racing. Hence get your fleet onto the programme, and put your mind at ease.

This will put to rest the bar talk of certain boats not being compliant.

Members would of course be aware that C7 of the Class rules prohibit the modification in any way of the moulded shape of the boat. A slight digression; if you are thinking of a new deck and your boat has a grandfathered keel that grandfathering falls away when major work is done on a boat. All work of that nature must also be undertaken by a licensed builder, and under the supervision of a measurer.

The annual general meeting of the Fleet is to be held in Sydney on 7 August, at which time the election of Executive Committee members takes place. I am hopeful that our present contingent will all go forward as the work they have undertaken in this past year has been difficult, and at times trying. I thank them for their exemplary effort and assistance.

All the very best for the new season, and for those participating in San Francisco – good sailing and bring back the bowl.

David Ritchard

President IECAA.


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