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Secretary's Note

29 August 2016 Jill Connell

The fleet at the Nationals

"The fleet at the Nationals"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

Thank you to everyone who participated in the IECAA (International Etchells Class Association of Australia) membership survey. We achieved a fantastic 42.6% response rate, which means we can assume the results are representative of the views of the overall membership.

The survey results have already been used in discussions at the IECAA AGM on August 8th, 2016, and will provide important input to the strategic planning project, as well as into many other discussions and decisions at both Fleet and National levels.

The quantitative results are available to all current members of the IECAA - they are published in the members-only section of the IECAA website. Some more information will be published when the results have been further analysed.

Thank you also to my colleagues on the Survey Project Team: Fleet Captains Noel Patterson (Brisbane), Peter Coleman (Melbourne), Bruce Maloney (Perth) and Richard Hammond (Sydney), as well as David Clark (IECAA Vice President), David Edwards, Tom King, and Roger Gain. Thank you also to Wade Morgan, Peter Merrington, Matthew Chew and Ben Durham, who also provided valuable input to the survey topics and questions.

The Strategic Planning Project is commencing now. The Etchells Fleet is one of the most vibrant sailing fleets in Australia, as demonstrated by the number of boats and sailors that sail in National, State, Club and other events. The strategic plan will aim to provide a guide for ensuring the ongoing vibrancy of the Class, as well as the ongoing viability of the Association.

Critical to achieving this is attracting new members to the Class, further improving member’s satisfaction with the Etchells Class, addressing other key issues and opportunities, and providing clear objectives and prioritisation that will guide allocation of resources. We have invited the Fleet Captains of the largest four fleets (Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney), along with David Edwards, Tom King, and Andy Fethers (IECAA Secretary) to the team, which I will lead.

We will consult with other members at various stages, and are aiming to have the plan ready for discussion at a Members’ Forum in January 2017. We are also expecting that the plan will identify the need for some additional projects to address particular opportunities in more detail, and we are hoping to engage more members in these projects.

The project to update the IECAA constitution will get underway as soon as the Strategic Planning Project has progressed enough to provide sufficient direction. After consultation with members, we hope we will be able to propose an updated Constitution to Members at the IECAA AGM in August 2017.

Jill Connell

Secretary - IECCA


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