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ODTC Report: Building new boats

29 August 2016 David Clark

A hull at the NSW states

"A hull at the NSW states"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

In December of last year I was asked (and accepted) to continue to serve on the One Design Technical Committee (ODTC) for 2016. The reconfigured ODTC is Chaired by Bruce Nelson, and the other committee members are Andrew Palfrey, Vince Brun, and Mark Thornborrow.

In summary, the major ODTC activities for 2016 include:

  1. Recommended to the International Governing Committee (IGC) adoption of several new one-design control measurements to be added to the Class building specifications to ensure the hull and appendages complied with the class rules and original shapes from class approved moulds;
  2. Reviewed various deck recess issues with the Class builders and re-affirmed jib-sheeting and jib tack recess limits in accordance with previous rulings - final policy for future changes and/or any additional limits still to be determined;
  3. Re-affirmed with the Class builders that post-curing of the hull, deck or other structural components is not permitted within the Class Rules.

World Sailing are considering introduction of the following One Design Measurement Controls for application at Etchells Class Sanctioned Events to boats constructed after 1992 (or since modified):

  1. Hull/Keel thickness at 86mm above Baseline (tolerance -3/+6mm):
    Fwd of Sta 6 (mm) 300 750 1200 1300
    Thickness (mm) 77 145 121 85
  2. Hull/Keel Leading Edge Profile Template (to fit within -3/+5mm).
  3. Hull/Keel Trailing Edge maximum of 122mm forward of Sta 6 (-16/+16mm).
  4. Hull/Skeg fillet radius minimum of 6mm (at 100mm forward of rudder shaft).
  5. Hull/Transom corner to be rounded with a minimum radius of 1mm.

The adoption of these dimensional constraints will provide specific guidelines for boat builders, measurers and owners to ensure each boat complies with the one design rules and principles of the class, and aid detection of any illegal alterations to the moulded shapes that may enhance performance.

The following rule changes are otherwise effective from 8 April 2016:

  1. Rule C.3.2 clothing weight changed to a total combined weight of not more than 30kg (regardless of 3 or 4 person teams) with the weight per person not exceeding 10kg;
  2. Rule C.2.1(b) codifies what otherwise was generally covered by the SIs where crew substitutes require application to the RC (confirm eligibility and weight) then written approval by the Jury;
  3. Rule C.5 “Portable Equipment” the use of VHF radios moved to “OPTIONAL” where previously it was under the general heading “NOT FOR USE”.

It should be noted that the IGC voted against the proposed change to permit ‘fibreglass or carbon fibre’ spinnaker poles. The 2/3rd vote required for approval was not reached with only 55% voting in favour of the proposal.

My intention is to keep Australian members informed of ODTC activities in 2016/2017.

Dave Clark

AUS 1380 - Fifteen+


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