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Sydney: Big season for a very busy fleet

26 April 2016 Richard Hammond

Last day of racing for the season

"Last day of racing for the season"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

We have just enjoyed a wealth of very competitive racing. During the 2015/16 season we had 34 mini–regatta races over 11 days. There were also 25 Saturday Point Score races and six Milson Goblet races over four days. That is a terribly impressive total of 55 races!!! Wow.

Individual race winners include some very well known names. They included Michael Coxon, Iain Murray, Tom King and his whole 2012 World Championship winning team of Ivan Wheen, David Edwards and Owen McMahon, Jeanne-Claude Strong, Billy Merrington and Geoff Bonouvrie. The latter pair enjoyed six mini-regatta race wins, as well as a second in the 2016 NSW States. Billy also took the boat on the road to Brighton and got a fourth place at the 2016 Australian Championship, despite receiving a huge hole in the port quarter.

The Milson Silver Goblets Regatta again had a large, 34-entry fleet. Tom King’s crew won this year’s event. Rob Weir, Mike Tyquin and Paul Thackray’s, Shindig, was second overall and then Michael Coxon in third place.

However, without doubt, the standout performer this season, against no less than 32 entries, has been Doug McGain’s crew on, Ciao. They amassed an incredible nine mini-regatta race wins to take out overall points victory. Behind Ciao were Christian Brook and Ant Elliot on board, Umami, and then Alchemist took out third place.


Richard Hammond

Sydney Fleet Captain

Alchemist, fleet Captain, Richard with Calvin & Chris

"Alchemist, fleet Captain, Richard with Calvin & Chris"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,


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