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Vice President's Report

26 April 2016 David Clark

David Clark

"David Clark"

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Kylie Wilson,

In the interests of mixing things up, it’s time for the VP to provide an update on all things Etchells!

Looking back, we have had a terrific season, with high participation in all of our State titles. A highlight had to be close to 50 boats attending our Nationals at Brighton.

Off the water, the National Executive is focussed on ensuring that Etchells remain THE One Design Class of choice. This focus will formally commence with a survey of all members, with its aim being to tailor our racing and other activities in direct response to your views. Please get involved in the survey so that we can hear directly from you.

The Survey will include a range of questions designed to address the ongoing integrity in One Design and then also to increased fun in the way we participate. Please see Jill Connell’s report, also here, for more details on the survey.

Putting on my ODTC cap for a moment, can I say that we are continually endeavouring to maintain, and where necessary, correct for departures from our One Design base. This is to be carefully balanced with innovation and the need to make the Etchells attractive to sail. No better example is the introduction of electric bilge pumps, which has made all of our lives so much easier.

In the last little while World Sailing has endorsed some more recent amendments to our Class Rules, including a ‘total combined weight carried by the crew’ not exceeding 30kg (for both three and four-person teams, which is totally distinct from the 285kg combined crew mass). These and other changes are only implemented with full consideration and consultation by the IGC, expertly assisted by the ODTC. The membership then gets to vote on these proposed changes, as has been the case with the recent raft of rule changes. These changes take time, as a result of the very nature of this process.

In this context I am pleased to report that new guidelines and measures around previously uncontrolled regions of the hull, and in particular the garboard, will shortly be implemented with signoff from World Sailing. This will include the introduction of new jigs and templates for the purposes of measuring the garboard and other regions. The tolerances incorporated in these tools are intended to take account of variations across builders, with a view to identifying outliers for correction. We are also very close to recommencing moulding of the Pacesetter boats with some subtle corrections to the keel sump mould intended to harmonise this part of the boat with other builders.

Going forward, we have an awesome local event calendar in front of us, kicking off with the Mooloolaba Mid-Winters – the lifestyle regatta not to be missed! Get in early and enter by 6th May to benefit from the early bird discount. Don’t forget the Brisbane Winter Championship commencing on the weekend of 30th April with the Brisbane Fleet Championship. It will be followed up with two further regattas on the weekends of 16th July and 27th August. Last year I found these events great fun and easy to attend, thanks to the hospitality of the Etchells team at RQYS. With the Worlds to be hosted by RQ in 2018, this series also provides a brilliant opportunity to get familiar with the Moreton Bay racetrack.

All the best!

Dave Clark - Fifteen+ (AUS1380)


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