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9 February 2016 John Curnow

What a day it was at the Nationals! Vendetta rounding.

"What a day it was at the Nationals! Vendetta rounding."

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

The Etchells premier event of the year was an absolute hoot. Spectacular for the racing, conditions and hospitality, and you did not have to wander too far to hear people commenting about any or all of those items. Seems this was not missed by many with even a vague interest, all around the globe as it turns out... Yes. The digital age means you get instant and accurate feedback.

We also captured and then had used in both articles and sailing broadcasts, such as World On Water, video interviews and footage of the racing. This was truly terrific, and brought the close racing that Etchells are known for, to many a sailor. If you have not seen any of the material, grab a red, get the high-speed Internet connection sorted and start clicking away via Watch one or settle right in, press ‘play all’ and have a blast…

So thank you organisers. It was the proverbial herculean effort, but one that paid great dividends. The club for making everyone welcome, those almost invisible, but thoroughly proficient volunteers, and you, all the racers. Your combined efforts received great accolades worldwide.

What fun we have had, but it is not over yet. There is NSW, WA and VIC State Championships all to come.

I have spoken about it before, but had to mention it once more. To see new, younger sailors of both sexes come and partake of this, the One Design Class is just fantastic. It does not matter if you’re up on foils, out in the big blue or charging around in multihulls at other times, seems everyone wants to be in their Eggshell when the talk comes to sail. That’s awesome. Many have spoken or written about how the Etchells improves the overall performance. One of these is our great friend, Roger Hickman.

Now there is one group who don’t get a mention too much. They are the Executive and they work tirelessly to ensure the class, the events and the overall standing remain pre-eminent. So thank you Executive, and the Fleet Officers too! If you were not there the void would be gulf like, and I ask everyone to ponder that next time you think it could be done better…

Rock on,

John Curnow

Happy Nationals winners! Richie, James and GT

"Happy Nationals winners! Richie, James and GT"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,


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