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9 February 2016 David Healey

So much happening over at Etchells AUS Faceobok!

"So much happening over at Etchells AUS Faceobok!"

In response to queries received from member Fleets regarding the right to hold Category B (National) and C (State) events, the National Executive have compiled a list of criteria that have be met before the right to run an event can be granted. Category B And C Events Fleet Rotation Criteria: -

  1. To be considered for inclusion in the rotation to run Class B or C events within a State, a Fleet must maintain a minimum of five (5) registered boats (Fleet Status) during the entire rotation;
  2. If a Fleet ceases to be a Fleet (i.e. has less than five (5) registered boats) during the rotation, then that Fleet will go to the back of the rotation until it meets the criteria in Item 1;
  3. The National Association retains the right to veto a Fleet from holding a sanctioned event if it is of the opinion that the said Fleet is incapable of hosting the event up to the required standard;
  4. The National Association also retains the right to make exceptions to the rotation policy in the case of events of national significance, such as the Australasian Winter Championships at Mooloolaba.

Furthermore, a specific fee to ensure the correct and appropriate level of coverage is provided and adhered to for all significant Etchells events, has been raised at the AGM and discussed at Forums and the like. The salient elements of the Publicity Levy are as follows: -

  1. Category B Events - $100 per entry;
  2. Category C Events - $50 per entry;
  3. Host Fleet to remit total payment to the IECAA at the completion of the regatta based on the number of ENTRIES received;
  4. IECAA will arrange for pre, intra and post regatta publicity/articles based on the standard of event, and the expected number of entries;
  5. The host Fleet will make entry lists, including all crew names and division (Masters etc.) available to the appointed publicity officer and IECAA periodically prior to the event and on completion of registrations;
  6. The host Fleet will make full results (including all crew names and division) available to the publicity officer and IECAA as soon as possible after the completion of each day’s racing and at the end of the regatta;
  7. The host Fleet will provide all assistance to the publicity officer and/or photographer, including access to sponsors and the provision of a boat for on-course reporting and/or photography;
  8. The host Fleet will be responsible for setting up an event website containing all regatta details which, at the minimum, will be the NOR, SI’s, Entry Lists, Daily/Final Results. The website should also incorporate social media links and images/video. Templates and support available from IECAA;
  9. The host Fleet will use best endeavours to billet the media officer(s) for the duration of the event in safe and comfortable lodgings.

David Healey


International Etchells Class Association of Australia Inc.


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