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Gosford: con gusto

13 November 2015 Don Wilson

Ivy at the 2014 States

"Ivy at the 2014 States"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

Early racing included the Slingsby Sprint series of six short races to get everyone up to speed after the winter layoff. The experienced team of John McDougall, David Slingsby and Mark Robson, on Pointless, took out the series from The Don with guest skipper Terry Pike, Graeme Murray and John Humphries. In third was Ivy sailed by John Denton, Graeme Sheldon and Matthew Walsh.

Ivy started slow but came up to speed as they got the hang of their secret new weapons of mast lever and swinging spreaders made by some crowd called ‘Whalespar’ (all very legal we are assured).

In the next two races, the scratch honours went to Valsheda crewed by Greg Humphries, Paul Turner and Zac Molin and The Don, with Chris Radford guest skippering. The big question is exactly where is THE Don??? Well Don Wilson fell off a ladder at the club preseason, is presently out of action and now is more than a bit worried that the crew might not invite him back!!!

Valsheda at the 2014 States

"Valsheda at the 2014 States"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,


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