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Brisbane: Pathway to the 2018 Etchells Worlds

13 November 2015 Noel Paterson

Keep it simple. 2018 is all you need to know

"Keep it simple. 2018 is all you need to know"

Photo by:
John Curnow

It is hard to believe that fourteen months have passed since the RQYS based Brisbane Etchells Fleet won the right to host the 2018 Etchells World Championships. This highlights the fact that time flies, events such as this come around very quickly, and that looking forward and being prepared is paramount.

The concept of hosting another Worlds was conceived at the 2013 Worlds in Tuscany. A couple of Etchells dinosaur tragics, who had not been prepared to throw our hat in the ring to host in previous years, had overcome our collective fear that there we not enough of us to undertake the task.

Alas, things have changed, the influx of good, quality people with business nous had not only increased the numbers on the water, but also our capability to run such an event.

The Steering Committee was formed in early spring of 2013 under the Chairmanship of formidable previous Brisbane Fleet Captain, David Irvine. Dave went to the Annual International Governors Committee meeting held at the June 2014 Worlds in Rhode Island NY, armed with a glossy proposal and a promotional video of RQ and the Brisbane Etchells Fleet that we had prepared. The Brisbane Etchells Fleet funded this in full. Dave swept the floor and came home with the bacon.

It is too far out to micro manage the event, but what we can do is create a culture of inducing competitors from South to come to our Club and enjoy what we have here, which is plenty. Brisbane Etchells has been making a lot of noise within Etchells ranks nationally to induce Interstate competitors to our shores, and it is working.

We created a winter series specifically for Etchells, ‘The Boutique Boat Company Etchells Winter Series’, which was run over three two-day regattas in late June, early August and early September. Thank you to the Boutique Boat Co for their generous sponsorship and their faith in the Class. They came, a total of seven quality interstate competitors, with World and National Champions amongst them.

This is only the start with five major Etchells regattas to be held at RQ between May and October next year, culminating with the Queensland Championships in October ’16. The numbers at these regattas will definitely increase, as the Worlds get closer. Our Worlds course east of Green Island is tricky. There is much to learn about our tidal sliding carpet course, not the least of which is that it is not all sliding at the same rate or direction. The southern sailors will come, they want to learn about our course and not only that, they love it here!

The feedback from interstaters with respect to the Club has been nothing short of amazing. We are regarded as a friendly down to earth club and that perception is growing! No doubt about it. The Etchells brand is second to none and is streets ahead of any other Class as the premier one design keelboat racing class in Australia. That makes it a sponsor heaven. The class is increasing numerically almost weekly at RQ. We are starting to run out of room, a great problem to have.

The logistics of running a Worlds with a Queensland Championship the week before, hosting 8090 boats and 400500 people at the club for up to three weeks is a little daunting, but we know we can put on a great show - and we will! We have fantastic facilities, thanks to the foresight of our previous Commodores and Committees, and we will use them with pride.

Bring it on!

It is one excellent location and racetrack, but you do need to know the nuances!

"It is one excellent location and racetrack, but you do need to know the nuances!"

Photo by:
John Curnow


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