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What a great family!

13 November 2015 John Curnow

Kites and sails off Brighton

"Kites and sails off Brighton"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

Thanks so much for getting your material in to me. It makes it not only easier, but really good reading to learn what is or has been going on. Of course, the digital age means we can always take more and you do not have to be a Fleet Officer or Executive Member to scribble a note. Indeed, you can add your flavour, whether it is towing, tactics or torture.

There is some terrific stuff in this edition - from silverware, finance and your status, to events to go and play in and then tuning notes to use at those very regattas. Speaking of which, there is always an event going on, which is great and that they are so well attended is terrific too.

Speaking of which, this next Australian Championship is shaping up to be huge, both numerically and also from a who will do what point of view. There are so many crews that have got some serious pace now, that the roundings will be intense! I cannot say who’s going to win, but I can say that both Kylie and I are very much looking forward to spreading the word as far and wide as we can. This will be something to see, either from on the track itself or off to the side in a comfy cruiser. Can’t wait.

So it would be more than remiss of me not to remind people that entries are open now and you do need to click away to be part of it all. You can access all the material off the website.

Now a lot of people put so much in to make the business side of THE OD Class happen and happen so well at that. On behalf of all the sailors and onlookers I feel I need to say thank you for your efforts. Thankfully all their work seems to be rewarded with high participation, new crews taking to the water and as one person put it to me, unprompted, “Look around. Etchells are the benchmark for media activity.”

Whether it is the quarterly news, social media or event releases, you the sailors are the reason there is such strength and presence. Please enjoy that and all your time on the water.

Rock on

Beautiful sailing in Brighton!

"Beautiful sailing in Brighton!"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,


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