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13 November 2015 David Healey

The fleet and visitors at Sydney 2015 States

"The fleet and visitors at Sydney 2015 States"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

Your National Committee is keen to ensure that the International Etchells Class Association of Australia (IECAA) operates in the interests of the Association’s members, and that this is transparent to the members. The Association’s newsletters are one of the ways in which we aim to keep members up to date on Association activities. This article provides an update on some important aspects of the Association’s activities.

Further improving transparency for members

At the recent AGM of the IECAA, the Committee announced further steps to improve transparency for members. This includes hosting a national fleet discussion session to coincide with the annual National Championships, the first being the 2016 Championships in Brighton next January. We hope this will provide a good opportunity for Association members to discuss matters that are important to you and to the future development of the Australian Etchells Class.

Please also note that the notice of the AGM, nomination forms and IECAA financial statements were provided to members on the IECAA website ahead of the AGM.

Membership Subscriptions

The Association lost $35,868 last financial year. There were four major contributing factors to this:

  1. Even though membership revenue remained relatively stable against 2014 the decline in the Australian dollar against the US dollar resulted in an additional cost of $6,911 in our Capitation Fees payable to the International Association;
  2. The Australian Association continued to subsidise publicity costs for the major Category B and C events;
  3. The Australian Association continued to contribute $10,000 to a Travel Subsidy for those attending the Australian Championships; and
  4. An amount of $4,986 has been expended in bringing the International Measurer to Australia in an effort to clarify and rectify the measurement issues in relation to the Garboard areas of the Keel and Skeg. It is envisaged that we will expend a further $5,000 in FY16 to complete this project.

As a consequence of this, and the fact that the Association can’t continue to lose money each year, a number of actions have been put in place:

  • Membership Fees for Owners have been increased to $200 from the $170, which has been held constant since 1999. There will be no change for Associates, which will remain at $35. These are the fees that your local Fleet pays to the IECAA. Under the International Association requirements, most of these funds are then paid to the International Association. i.e. US$75 for each full member and US$25 for each Associate member;
  • The Travel Subsidy will be removed for the next two years;
  • A levy will be added to the entry fee for every Category B and C event at the rate of $100 for Category B Events and $50 for Category C events to cover the cost of publicity for each event. There has been inconsistency in how various B and C events have been promoted, some promoted exceptionally well and attracting terrific participation, others not. Given that the B and C regattas are arguably the most important activities for the Australian Etchells Class (now and for the future vitality of the Etchells Class in Australia), it is critically important that these events are promoted and run well. Therefore, the National Committee will take on the role of managing the promotion for these events to provide a more consistent approach. At the same time, the National Committee welcomes comments and suggestions from members, so that we can ensure this promotion is as effective as possible. A start date for this action will be announced shortly, as soon as the protocol has been finalised.

The National Committee will also be increasing focus on the requirement that regatta organising committees ensure all participating sailors are current members of the Association, and that the team/crew details are properly recorded and published along with the results.

Australian Championship Trophies

Given the evolving demographics of the Association’s members over time, some changes to the trophies for the Class have been made. The purpose is to continue to encourage and recognise the best teams in both open and Corinthian spheres, whilst also encouraging a broader range of sailors to participate in B and C regattas.

The following is a list of the existing trophies:

  • The Skip Etchells Trophy awarded to the overall winner of the Australian Championships;
  • The Roger Dane Trophy awarded to the winner of the Masters Division. As from this year this will go to the winning Skipper over sixty (60) years of age (up from 50 due to the number of over 50’s now in the fleet);
  • The Jim Annand Trophy awarded to the winner of the Grand Masters Division. As from this year the combined ages will be lifted to 165 years for a three-person crew and 220 years for a four-person crew. This also reflects the change in the average age of active sailors in the fleet.

Two new trophies will be established and we seek a donor for each these trophies:

  • The Corinthian Trophy - awarded to the first boat where the Skipper and crew all hold an ISAF Sailor Classification Code Category 1;
  • The Women’s Trophy awarded to the first paced female helm.

We are currently researching the history of the existing trophies and this will publish this along with photographs as soon as it is complete. A page will also be added to our website, so they are permanently on display.

Fleet Status

A reminder to all fleets that a minimum of five (5) boats must be registered each year to hold and maintain fleet status. This status should be held constantly if fleets wish to remain in the rotation for Category B and C events. And our individual membership fees become due as at September 1st.


As of 29th September, only three Fleets - Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney - have reached Fleet Status. While some other fleets have five or more Owners registered, quite a few Owners have not updated their boat details. Until this is done, these Owners will not be included in the Fleet count.

Update your details in the MEMBERS AREA


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