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Must do calendar item!

1 March 2015 John Curnow

Melbourne city skyline, Port Phillip Bay

"Melbourne city skyline, Port Phillip Bay"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

SAIL INTO THE HISTORY BOOKS. Join the Victorian Etchells Fleet at RBYC for the 2016 Australian Championship. Melbourne's Port Phillip being the finest racecourse in Australia. Cheers Triad (AUS 1383).

So it does not matter one iota whether you agree with the crew from Triad or not. You may even feel they're a tad biased about their home club, but you cannot argue about the team's credentials. Triad has already confirmed attendance and will be very much set to have a red hot go at grabbing yet another Australian title. For some, that alone is worth the price of admission and for others it's the motivation to see what they can do.

The organising committee is geared up, too. There are already shirts, bumper stickers and flags. Some, harkening back to the days of yore, are even wondering how long they'll last on the poles that hoist them aloft.

On a more serious note, Ross and Kevin Wilson will be administering the on water affairs and the club itself is all set to fire, as well. Eric Wegman, RBYC's General Manager said, "The whole of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club is looking forward to the 2016 Etchells Australian Championship. Having run successful World and State Championships from here previously, the Etchells always mean there are great times to look forward to, both on and off the water."

"A large fleet is expected and our facilities are all set to go. Having the two cranes and a large hardstand makes life that bit easier for all. Port Phillip will no doubt turn on its usual array of conditions to ensure the victorious crew is proficient across the range. You, your family and friends are welcome and let's go racing!"

All in all it does mean heaps of you will need to have a road trip, so make the plans, earn the brownie points, service the trailer or buy one if do not already have one and make it happen. It is only simple maths to work out that most of Sydney and Brisbane, along with travellers from SA and WA will need to bring their own craft or charter one, and if you're serious about being at Brisbane 2018, then you'll need every bit of large fleet practice you can muster.

Now if the idea of road trip is a wee bit daunting, then this great article by the inimitable David Ritchard is a good place to start your thinking.

So then, from catching up with so many of you at various regattas of late it sounds suspiciously like plan! Therefore, let's go forth and make it happen... Gen on to your Fleet Captain and the Association early to sort out travel subsidies and other important items!

Regatta Website

Scenery on the start line, VIC States 2013, Port Phillip Bay

"Scenery on the start line, VIC States 2013, Port Phillip Bay"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,


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