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All hail the King

1 March 2015 Michael Coxon

TKR Mainsail straight out of the bag in 15 knots TWS - @ the Adelaide nationals

"TKR Mainsail straight out of the bag in 15 knots TWS - @ the Adelaide nationals"

Photo by:
Richard Allanson

The RSYS hosted the Etchells NSW Championships on Sydney Harbour, which was well attended by 38 boats, and sailed in light to moderate conditions. This was a great opportunity to review the our radial 'TKR' mainsail that we have been developing over the last two years and have now added our extensive range of sail models.

North Sails were chosen by seven of the top 10 at the regatta, with North mains winning six of the eight races held and all four of our mainsail models won at least one race. The new TKR main dominated with three wins, whilst our PCA, PC+ and PCF mains each won one race. We offer the range of PC models, as each is refined to specific masts and conditions, and all have recently won a World Championship. We let the sailors choose the model best suits their set up and sailing style.

The 'TKR' (Tom King Radial) is named in thanks to the many hours Tom has spent assisting us with the design process, both on and off the water. Tom himself won two heats of the Milson Silver Goblets with his TKR main.

The development process started with us measuring and averaging the shapes of each PC model, and from there we developed a 3D mould working with our designers, Keith Lorenz and Andrew Lechte. Keith did the mould comparisons and then Andrew, who specialises in OD sails, fine-tuned the design by working with our design team of Richie Allanson, Tom King, Noel Drennan and Michael Coxon.

We do hours of on water, two-boat testing, photographing and racing, then report to Andrew, who analyses the data and together we steer the direction of the design to the point where we now have a consistent race winning model to add to our range. The process resulted in us testing 16 versions of the mainsail that is now available to compliment our World Champion winning inventory.

Working in conjunction with North Cloth, we have customised the patented NorDac Radian Oly to meet the class minimum cloth weight for the Mainsail and Jib. This has allowed us to build lighter, more stable sails that hold their designed shape better through the wind range. The radial construction better aligns the cloth with the loads radiating from the head and clew, avoiding the need to over engineer, so as to compensate for the shortcomings of traditional crosscut sails.

Michael Coxon
MD North Sails Australia

TKR Mainsail later in the day in 7 knots TWS - @ the Adelaide nationals

"TKR Mainsail later in the day in 7 knots TWS - @ the Adelaide nationals"

Photo by:
Richard Allanson


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