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Australian Open

22 October 2014 John Curnow

Wall of Etchells Ė donít want to be in the second row!

"Wall of Etchells Ė donít want to be in the second row!"

Photo by:
John Curnow

"Yes. We will be competing in the Nationals. Very much looking forward to this regatta. Plenty of new, young talent coming through the fleet. So I look forward to crossing tacks with these enthusiastic and highly talented young bucks", said John Bertrand.

JB added, "I see the power and focus of youth both in the sport of sailing and now in my role as President of Swimming Australia. I love that. My crew will be Jake Newman and my long time mate, Billy Browne."

Catching up with Grant Allen from, The Doctor, on the hardstand at SYC, he said, "We are going over to Adelaide in December and then we'll make a few trips to do some training days. It will help to make sure we'll be ready to go when it all starts, as it will be competitive. Sounds like all the QLD crews look like the ones to catch. So we'll try and get as much sailing in between now and then as we can, even see what they're up to, as well."

Allen said, "We very much will be grabbing the road trailer from here on and after next year's Mooloolaba, we'll leave the boat in QLD to do some sailing there, perhaps even do RPAYC's Mid-Winter event on Pittwater. The plan is to do more sailing in Winter in the other States and then we'll bring her back for the 2015/16 Summer."

Doyle Sails', Peter 'Polly' McNeill, is another person very much on the path to Adelaide. Polly will be attending with the regulars, Simon Reffold on the bow and co-owner, David Gledhill, trimming the mainsail. "Looks like a case of the old and new guard starting to form. Seeing these young guns show up is awesome - bring it on! We'll have new sails ready for the fuller conditions of Adelaide - you need power to get through the seaway. My new main is smooth and sets splendidly; offering grunt in light airs and then flattens out perfectly for the blow. I do hope for a good turn up, as it as great venue and evens out the West/East thing by kind of allowing us to meet in the middle. Really looking forward to it all."

So you need to think seriously and quickly it would seem, about getting to Adelaide. Those pre-booked rooms just make it a no-brainer!!!


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