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You little ripper!

22 October 2014 John Curnow

Jeanne-Claude Strong is a sensational competitor. So focussed. Marcus Burke trimming the kite. Polly behind the mast

"Jeanne-Claude Strong is a sensational competitor. So focussed. Marcus Burke trimming the kite. Polly behind the mast"

Photo by:
John Curnow

Paul Reiffer has retired from duties with the Swan River Fleet. I only worked with him just the once, but he always delivered as prescribed and took the countless phone calls too. I am not the only one impressed with his efforts and you can read all about it in the Fleet News section.

Noel 'Nitro' Drennan gives us some insight into the world of radial, warp oriented Dacron in the Fleet News section. Good intel and fascinating about how the need for speed is being searched for and achieved.

Detailed reports on the LJ Hooker 2014 Queensland State Championship can be found through the hyperlinks in another event story of this newsletter. Suffice to say that the genuine and warm hospitality afforded me by the entire Brisbane clan made it easy for me to perform my tasks. Thank you one and all...

Specific reference has to be made of the incredible David and Sue Healey. I have now witnessed and enjoyed one of the world famous Healey BBQs. If you don't know about it, you do now and as Molly Meldrum used to say, 'Do yourself a favour!' David and Sue's immense generosity and unbelievable support of me from the moment I got up, to the moment I crashed, is still in my mind now. Thanks for all the mineral water and finding me that great café around the corner. Coffee always reigns supreme...

I finally got to meet Noel Paterson in person! I do hope that your back is better now. What a guy! David Irvine is a good man to be the chief organiser of the going-to-be-awesome 2018 Worlds. In a way, he reminds me of the Officer out the front of the Military Band with the giant staff in hand, leading the way with focus and precision. Thanks to Brad Ginnivan for driving me around and listening to my constant requests to get in closer. Cheers pal for your efforts and all that your Moreton Bay Signs provided. Brisbane Fleet Captain, John Warlow, provided his Maine Lobster Boat for us, which just showed how much he is prepared to do to get the required result. It is little wonder that you currently have two franchises and they may well throw more at you soon. The whole of RQ, especially Guy Morton and his team, also are worthy of everyone's thanks, too.

It was also great to meet more Etchellians, like Jason Hawkins, Al Cowen and Ken Waller. I cannot help thinking that Gordon Weise has got it 100% right. Work hard all week, catch a plane, head to your motor boat and then wake up and go yachting on some sensational waters in glorious conditions. Nice one, mate. You can read about his way of sailing.

Like many, I was delighted to see Jeanne-Claude Strong and Jill Connell both finish in the top ten and show they're right in the mix of terrific sailing from some hot crews. Jill was up early every morning, absorbing information and being super-prepared. J-C really is quite inspirational. She's a true competitor and very driven. J-C actually towed her boat up from Sydney on her own. Well, we know she loves her sailing...

Finally, yet another reminder to please get your stories in for publication. You don't have to be on the Executive, or part of your Fleet's management. Mere sailors can proffer material too, you know. If you need help, then let me know and we can make it happen!

Rock on.

Gordon Weise on the tiller – he had David Ritchard and David Smith with him

"Gordon Weise on the tiller – he had David Ritchard and David Smith with him"

Photo by:
John Curnow


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