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Hulls, sticks, bits, bins, sheets, cash and offers!

22 October 2014 Phil Smidmore

The mast lever  have to be an Etchells sailor, for otherwise you could think it was a thingamajig!

"The mast lever have to be an Etchells sailor, for otherwise you could think it was a thingamajig!"

Photo by:
Phil Smidmore

John Warlow has recently taken delivery of a new Pacesetter Etchells - Hull #1422. I did a partial fit-out, and John is going to complete it in Brisbane, with the Australian Championships to be her first major regatta.

We are currently completing a batch of masts. They are now at anodising and I will finish them off when they return. This current batch commences with serial number 521. Since commencing mast manufacture in 1995, I have built an average of about 27 masts per year and I am very proud of the success of our masts. They have been sold all over the world.

Some of this current batch is headed overseas and several are already sold in Australia. I've been lucky to have Bruce Anderson as the lead maker for every one of those masts. His meticulous attention to detail drives me nuts sometimes, but thanks to his work, we have had a near 100% strike rate with their acceptance - one that was rejected ended up on one of my own boats and it finished second at a Worlds! That was the only mast I have ever specifically chosen for any of my own boats. This batch of tube is the best we have ever received. Every tube was dead straight and without any twisting.

Two new fittings for this season are a new forestay joiner, which swivels to allow easy above deck forestay adjustment, with no need to remove pins, undo screws or similar and a mast lever. The forestay joiner can be retrofitted, but it is probably neater to get a whole new forestay, whilst the mast lever requires the re-arrangement of some other systems and the offsetting of the I-beam mounted bilge pump.

I last priced out the new boats in 2009 and have only increased the price to take into account that all new boats now get turned over and receive extra fairing post moulding. The specification has been considerably upgraded since 2009 to include the forestay adjuster, the mast lever, a spinnaker pole with new beaks and a retracting kicker, a vastly improved floor, a super stiff fibreglass tiller, a spinnaker box and a host of other little improvements. I will hold the current price, and delivery offer, for any new boat ordered before the end of 2014, but will be introducing new pricing for 2015. As previously, only top quality items will be specified and many items others would consider as extras, such as tapered sheets, Brolga turnbuckles, and compass etc., are all included in my standard specification.

Good sailing for 2014/15.

The new Forestay Joiner, which swivels above deck

"The new Forestay Joiner, which swivels above deck"

Photo by:
Phil Smidmore


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