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President's Report

22 October 2014 Jake Gunther

Australian President, Jake Gunther

"Australian President, Jake Gunther"

The Brisbane Fleet and Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron did a wonderful job of hosting the first hit out of the year. As always, they conducted a superb event. Absolutely perfect Etchells sailing conditions on a great track amounted to a very memorable Queensland State Championships. Personally, I was excited to be on the track that will be the focus of the upcoming 2018 World Championships. I'm sure things will be hotting up in Queensland as the date draws closer. The new buildings at the club are almost complete and they will provide a fantastic facility for what will be the most important regatta in the world at the time. Congratulations to all that attended, especially to the winners, the Gen XY team, and see you at the next one.

The regatta was my first opportunity to race against Jill Connell and her talented crew. They did a great job at the regatta and it was terrific to catch up with her. I'm very happy to announce that Jill has put her hand up to be our new Assistant Secretary. I look forward her involvement and thank her for taking on the position.

We are coming up to some interesting times within the class, as most of the major equipment suppliers are doing a lot of soul searching and are very busy testing and developing new products that will have an impact on how we sail our boats. It is very exciting to see owners installing different versions of mast rams, as this rule change finally starts to get some traction. I can say that these systems look great and will simply make the rig easier to work with, the boats won't go any faster, but will be more fun to operate. The class sail makers are, as always, developing new models and things are very much alive and well in that department. Etchells are definitely moving forward; small, considered steps, but moving forward. They seem to have become a fascination for the brightest minds in our sport, which of course keeps the whole thing trucking along and also provides for an on-going fascination for the whole sailing community.

The next big one is Adelaide for the National Championships (11 - 16 Jan). I have heard that accommodation will be a little scarce, but the very thoughtful organising committee has pre-booked some rooms, so make enquiries as per the NoR. It's time to get moving on this event, for it will be an absolute cracker!

Once again a big thanks to all those that put in so much and keep our great class at the front of the game. The Australian Executive and all the local fleet officers are, as always, tireless and just keep 'putting in' - a very special thanks to you all.

See you on the water.


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