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Brisbane: Expanding Fleet. Great Facilities. Terrific Camaraderie

27 July 2014 John Warlow

Just some of the impressive facilities RQ has on offer

"Just some of the impressive facilities RQ has on offer"

On review of the year that was, I am happy to report a great season was completed by the Brisbane Fleet. During the year we have enjoyed a steady growth in boats on the water and can confirm that general interest in the class in Brisbane is at an all time high.

Our focus on the sailors at every level is well known and it is this message that we continue to promote at every opportunity. During this year we have conducted both on and off water clinics, including fleet coaching with Mike Fletcher. We have continued to encourage our post-race debriefings, which promote open discussions with the winners and losers. The weekly review of boat settings and race tactics has proven to be a valuable source of information and advice for our sailors at every level. It's an easy formula - just add beer and you get a good conversation going!

Our Brisbane culture is one of friendly competition with everyone striving for a personal best. As a result, we have seen every member of our fleet improve their skill level and racing ability. This is best demonstrated by our fleet finishing times bunching up dramatically from over 12 minutes at the start of the season to less than two minutes by season's end!

Fleet numbers are strong. 12 boats on the water is a regular feature and we have had a total of 18 active boats during the entire season.

With the welcome news of our securing the 2018 Etchells World Championship, we anticipate further growth in our active fleet. We have already been fielding some strong local enquiry and look forward to the influx of newcomers.

All set for more terrific racing

"All set for more terrific racing"


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