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Halfway? Perhaps not, but donít be half-hearted

27 July 2014 Andrew Waterman

Height of the last summer and before the work on the clubhouse was commenced

"Height of the last summer and before the work on the clubhouse was commenced"

For those of you looking for some great competitive sailing, Adelaide and the 2015 Nationals are a must do on every Etchells sailor's calendar. The racecourse area will be set on the clear, open waters of Gulf St Vincent and January usually offers a steadily building afternoon sea breeze, with a one-metre swell.

As this is a wet series, all boats will be moored near the front of the club with only a four kilometre sail to the start. This will give you just enough time to get things sorted before reaching the course.

Now in the depths of winter here in South Australia there isn't much sailing going on, so it's all about planning for the Nationals. As you can see from the photos here, the Squadron is currently having a long overdue winter make over. After 100 years of wear, the roof and upstairs dining area were in need of renovation and the plan is for everything to be finished by the start of the season.

The RSAYS has more than enough space to store trailers when not in use. We have ample car parking space and acres of lawns. Now if you want to keep the budget under control we have a sheltered gas barbeque area all set and ready to use and you can camp on site, as well.

More formal accommodation is available in the form of hotels and B&Bs throughout the Le Fevre Peninsula, West Lakes and the surrounding beachside suburbs of Semaphore and Largs Bay. Book early, as this is a popular family beachside district.

Take your hat off to them

"Take your hat off to them"


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