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27 July 2014 Phil Smidmore

Phil, our Australian builder.

"Phil, our Australian builder."

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

With a new season just around the corner, all eyes are on three areas of new systems that are to be deployed.

  1. Jib sheet with barber hauler systems. There are a number of systems being installed. Some are based solely on rope in/out/up/down, whilst while others are incorporating sideways tracks and even tracks on the cuddy top.
  2. Mast levers made their first World's appearance this year. Again there were several versions, but the long lever under the deck variation provides great leverage and precision control.
  3. New forestay joiner unit for very easy forestay adjustment. No tools are required to operate this mechanism and there are no pins to drop in the water. The unit is very compact and is easy to retro fit using some of your old forestay bits.

I will soon have prices and stock of these items.

Main halyards need to be inspected for broken strands on the backside of the ball swage. I always make the main halyards long enough to be re-balled a couple of times. A dab of any form of grease on the halyard ball will assist in the easy locking of the main halyard.

Cleating jib halyards can be made to last a long time by simply cutting and re-swaging at the shackle. This moves the cleating point so that the halyard does not wear at the same point all the time.

Inevitably, the first windy day will see a number of pumps found wanting, so check them on the hardstand rather than when they are really needed!

Good sailing


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