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Gosford: Old 'Doc' with new tricks wins!

14 April 2014 Iain Turner

Valsheda leads TurnerOn as they head uphill

"Valsheda leads TurnerOn as they head uphill"

Photo by:
John Curnow

Greg 'Doc' 'Humphries has won the Gosford Sailing Club championships in the last race of the series. Everyone, including early leader Kierin Humphries helming his father's old boat, couldn't hold off Greg 'Doc' Humphries, Bruce Tennant and Rod Moore from taking the lead in commanding style. Well done to them sailing their new/old boat, Velsheda, a proven winner for several years. Money well spent!

It took Greg and crew a little while to get used to sailing three-up in a boat set for a four-up crew, but they certainly got their act together later in the season. Close behind in second place was the ever present, 'The Don', which is Don Wilson, Chris 'feed the seals' Radford and Graeme Murray. Only a count back relegated last year's champion, Pointless, which is crewed by John McDougal, David Slingsby and Mark Robson, back into third place.

The NSW State Title was a mixed bag of weather and results for a lot of sailors, with Mother Nature giving us a lot of light winds and only on the last race did she give us some real wind. However, we are all proud of the way the event was run under trying conditions. Thanks to everyone who attended. It was a joy to sail with such great sailors. I am one of those who took up sailing later in life and glad I did because of the people you get a chance to sail with. Looking forward to another great year of racing with great people.

The Don goes around just in front of Greenback at the NSW Championship

"The Don goes around just in front of Greenback at the NSW Championship"

Photo by:
John Curnow


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