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Fleet Websites and newcomers

14 April 2014 David Healey

Swan River Fleet Website

"Swan River Fleet Website"

Browsing through the various Fleet websites there is a mixture of individual or dedicated sites, Fleets utilising their host club site and then those stemming from the Australian website.

Very few are up to date, however.

The Australian Association is committed to promoting the Class through the social media and the National website, as can be seen by the recent push to gain publicity for State and National events. Individual Fleets also have to do their bit by maintaining their own websites.

Newcomers will first target the National website, but then will pick the Fleet that best suits them. In the main, visitors will be bitterly disappointed at that next step.

If you are a member of a fleet that has a dated web site, please urge your Committee to bring it up to date. Perhaps you may wish to nominate yourself to assist your Fleet in this process.

Kylie Wilson maintains the Australian web site and she is only too happy to assist the individual fleets to develop, update or maintain their individual web sites. This would be at the expense of the individual Fleet. You can contact Kylie by email,

Good Sailing


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