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Cronulla: It was worth the wait for Cronulla

15 December 2013 Steve O'Rouke and Jon Harris

Out the front of the Cronulla Sailing Club with all that new area

"Out the front of the Cronulla Sailing Club with all that new area"

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Commencement of racing at Cronulla was delayed until mid-October, but for a very good reason. After what seemed an eternity, we finally received Council approval to replace our rickety front timber deck with a new concrete model, extending about 9 metres in front of the clubhouse and adding precious new hardstand space.

This meant all Etchells had to be removed from the existing hardstand to make room for the building equipment. Only a few months ago it was amazing to see 100's of club members armed with chainsaws, crowbars and other weaponry completely demolish the old timber deck in a frenzied attack, exercising our inner-vandalism.

The new deck will double our Etchells hardstand space and provide additional rigging space for the dinghies on Sundays. This is the final phase of the complete upgrade of Cronulla Sailing Club, which included a new clubhouse completed in 2009 and new extended floating pontoons in 2010.

To celebrate the new deck, we're inviting Etchells owners everywhere to come and race at Cronulla, with no hardstand fees for this season! The offer is only open to boats that race. A deal too good to refuse, especially when you get to sail on the best waters in Australia!

'Honorary' Project Manager, David Baldwin (Etchells AUS1319) acquired DA approval, designed, managed and subcontracted the 40 x 12 metre suspended concrete structure, which is over water, all within the programmed time and on budget. The building technique was an eye opener, and a real credit to David. Previously the area was a timber decking limited to pedestrian traffic and in a poor state.

A restricted Liquor Licence supplements the Cronulla Sailing Club's revenue stream, and this newly constructed area provides much of the floor space afforded the capacity crowds of the regular, Friday night drinks over Summer. These have become a main event in the Cronulla area.

As all Etchells were removed from the site during the construction, fleet racing has been slow to start, but there are tremendously good prospects for the second part of season, commencing in January, so please come and partake of our free storage, great views and awesome racetrack.

See you at Cronulla.
Steve O'Rouke and Jon Harris


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