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Ta muchly. Youíve been great

15 December 2013 John Curnow

The way it was.

"The way it was."

Thanks to all of you who took phone calls, responded to emails and chatted with me on the quay or out on the water in the last few years. It has really made the gathering of material a pleasure.

So in a world of prodders, carbon rigs, square-top mainsails and asymmetric kites, here are the Etchells with their tin rigs and symmetrical spinnakers, so that everybody remembers how to gybe with a pole.

Now for a boat with just 22 feet of LWL (many will remember the old E22 logo), they go uphill better than modern Sportboats of similar proportions and still offer many a challenge when heading downhill, especially in a blow!

All of that kind of affection is why all of you sail in this great class and how we all get to keep on learning. If you have a short note, large recital or even a quick quip, then please put it down and share it with everyone. The class is full of great people, so you'd be right in thinking there are just as many good stories.

Cheers and well done.


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