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A place to park. A place in the sun and Etchells mark their place in history

30 August 2013 John Curnow

Two boats or more heading in the same direction equals a race…

"Two boats or more heading in the same direction equals a race…"

Photo by:
John Curnow

Well done to the people responsible for bringing the Etchells here to Australia, building them, racing them, officialling and volunteering. All of you have made and continue to make the class and the regattas what they are.

It is no wonder that the regattas continue to attract sailors of all types and experiences and enjoy large fleets. And so the segue to the Nationals in November, 2013 is complete. The place in the sun, Southport QLD, will run all of the racing offshore, directly to sea of the main beach of Surfers Paradise. See the club site for details.

Right then. If you're in Sydney and looking for that most illusive of items, space to park your Etchells, then here could be the news you're after. And it is in Darling Point, no less!!! The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia will have their hardstand upgrade completed towards the end of September. As a result, they will have capacity for 15 more boats. Prospective owners need to be members of the CYCA and should contact Mark Woolf, the CEO of the CYCA ( and 02 8292 7800).

Now the final item for your consideration, is that there are many places to park your Etchells material. Stories can be about experiences, towing, racecourses, repairs or other and you can use also the Etchells social media for quick comments and links. Contact the webmaster ( or editor ( for any help you may need. As usual, then, calling all material for future editions...


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