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Cronulla: What a weekend it was!

3 April 2013 Jon Harris

Do you call those waves? There is a boat under there.

"Do you call those waves? There is a boat under there."

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

The maelstrom that inflicted itself on Cronulla Sailing Club for the 2013 NSW State Titles will be remembered for many years. Though we are proud of the fact Cronulla is one of the few places you can take an Etchells surfing, this writer has never seen the waves, some say up to 5m, or sea patterns, we saw on that weekend.

Cancelling the first two days of sailing was unfortunately necessary. A sad outcome, especially when we had crews from as far away as Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth attending.

On the one day we did go racing, it was certainly spectacular. The usual caution skippers use to avoid collisions went up a few notches, on the downhill rides you had to worry about boats above you - i.e. look behind and upwards, towards the sky, because that's where you might see someone's bow about to land on you, and also conversely keep clear of boats 'below' you. Upwind saw green waves coming over the side, not the white frothy stuff you usually get. All good fun, but oh the bruises on the following day! [The results of the regatta are described elsewhere in this newsletter]

On the upside, the racing was excellent as we struggled with keeping the boats moving and pointing in these conditions, on the downside, we did have a high proportion of retirements with equipment failure and even seasickness taking its toll.

The heroes of the day were the race committee, who somehow set perfect courses with no anchors dragging. With only four races dictating results, the racing was extremely close.

Back to club racing and competition is hotting up as we get towards the end of the season. 'The Good the Bad and the Ugly' have bowed out of contention after several on-water mishaps and then completed the process by destroying a new spinnaker on the first day of club racing after the States.

'Panther New' (Steve O'Rourke) leads the point score with 'Crews Control' (Paul Minter) close behind and a fast improving Volante (Dave Baldwin) following in third place. David Mackay is a close fourth and has been consistently in the top three over the past few weeks. With only two races to go before the winter break, there are plenty of opportunities to change the order.


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