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Brisbane: Grab two mates and get a boat (or three if you're petite)!

3 April 2013 John Warlow

Racing off Manly

"Racing off Manly"

Great end to the season

Finally, we received some stunning weather and gentle breezes in Brisbane. The fleet turned out with 10 boats for the last race and the last Healy BBQ for the season. The lighter weather bunched the fleet up nicely and everyone had some tight racing around the cans.

Big winners on the day were Jimmy with The Boat that Rocked, sporting some of his new Quantum gear (must be fast), and stand in for Patto, Dave Bull. The word has it Patto is going to have to buy his way back on the boat after Bully's impressive set of results on call up this season.

The Le Grande Coq (big chicken) went full brownie points with the entire Warlow clan sailing all together for the very first time. Contrary to the majority of opinion, the two races were a lot of fun with Genevieve driving, Ashley on the bow, Laura on main and dad told to sit to leeward and say nothing. (Right next to the Esky, so all good!)

How did the fleet fare this season?


We averaged eight boats for all club races with 11 boats being the highest number on a day. The total number of individual boats that made more than one appearance this year was 15, all associated with the club. We also attracted five new active owners to the class this season.

The general enquiry for crewing and buying boats in the second half of the season has been very encouraging for our next season, as well.

What do we do over winter?

Go sailing of course. The summer season is only training for the winter regattas.

Coming up:

Fleet Championships RQYS on May 18 and 19, so there's plenty of time to get a boat and train up a crew.

Winter Nationals Mooloolaba June 7-10 for the Queen's Birthday Long weekend. This is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!! National Level regatta, over 40 competitors and it is right on our doorstep.

Australian National Championship, Southport, November 2013. The local fleet will be building to this regatta - nothing else happens in November, so don't miss out!

Over and out.

Good times for all with the Brisbane Fleet

"Good times for all with the Brisbane Fleet"


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