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Brisbane: Bigger is better!

17 December 2012 John Warlow

Tow, tow, tow your boat...

"Tow, tow, tow your boat..."

I am happy to report the Brisbane fleet is still getting stronger and stronger.

Since the beginning of the current season, we have had an average of ten boats racing with a Brisbane Fleet P.B. of 12 boats out on the water, just in the last week. We have had three new owners join the fleet this year and we have also generated some great enthusiasm from bored sailors within the yachting fraternity.

Ten boats from the Brisbane fleet made the journey to Southport to compete in our Queensland Championship, which were hosted by our sister fleet at Southport. We sent five boats by road and five by sea, I am confident the delivery by sea was by far the more enjoyable route, as some of our fleet photos testify.

Southport ran a fantastic regatta in superb conditions off the Gold Coast, with twenty boats competing.

Our last race for the year is imminent and we are expecting to break our fleet numbers record, as it will be followed by the famous Dave and Sue Healy steak BBQ.

We are also expecting our fleet growth to continue next year, and our goal is to get all of the unused boats on the hardstand sailing once more.

Merry Christmas

Yes. Better than any highway I have ever known...

"Yes. Better than any highway I have ever known..."


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