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Adelaide: Don't mention Hughie...

17 December 2012 Wayne Knill

Paul Henshall in unfamiliar territory... the foredeck!

"Paul Henshall in unfamiliar territory... the foredeck!"

Photo by:
Wayne Knill

At the risk of upsetting the 'Weather Gods', I must say that so far, the Adelaide Fleet's 2012/13 racing season has been blessed with fantastic sailing conditions for each Saturday.

We offer a big welcome to Mark Roberts (Athena AUS1258), who has joined our fleet this year. Mark is keen to get over to some of the National Regattas around the country, and is quickly getting to grips with the fine-tuning of Athena.

For the past few seasons, the weekly after race presentations of bottles of wine at the RSAYS went along the lines of two bottles to the winner, and one each for second and third over the line. A change to this routine was decided upon, as it was noted that the 2011/12 domination by Shane Deussen saw him collect over 60 bottles of wine... and Shane is a beer man!

So this year, we are 'spreading the love' a bit more, and presenting bottles to first and second over the line, as well as first and second on handicap results. This way, every competitor now has a chance to get some reward for their efforts!

Congratulations to Ian Dixon (Choices AUS 1321) on winning the Henshall Shield World Qualifiers series in October. After lying low for a year or two due to work commitments, Ian has returned to the water and hit top form straight away. It is looking like this season's South Australian State Championship title will be the most exciting and closely fought series for quite a while, with several boats showing great speed on their day... Stay tuned!


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