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Good to see!

17 December 2012 John Curnow

Good idea, hard to do, however!

"Good idea, hard to do, however!"

Just recently, I was able to see the Brighton Etchells fleet prepare for two races on Port Phillip. The sun and wind were both out, and in the appropriate levels, which is quite remarkable for Melbourne when you think about it. Still, the buzz was recognisable, the preparations good to witness and the smiles a joy to see.

Moving on, there is Perth to think about, later in the same year the Gold Coast and if you're on that plane (Boom, Boom!), well you'll be thinking about Italia 2013, too. I note that there is a new boat still available from Phil Smidmore, so if you're thinking about it, call him and see what can be done.

Of course, it is the racing season in addition to Silly Season. Best wishes to you and all your crew and clan for these.

Well done to fleets who have not been so active on these pages of late to get amongst the PR machine. Good stuff! Also, if you happen to know who took the pic, please let us know, as it is a good thing to acknowledge. As usual, calling all material for future editions...

It sure is, buddy. Still, any day you go for yacht is a good thing, indeed

"It sure is, buddy. Still, any day you go for yacht is a good thing, indeed"


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