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Sydney: Making a statement for the season

14 October 2012 Richard Hammond

Mini-Regatta of 8-9-2012

"Mini-Regatta of 8-9-2012"

The Sydney Fleet's Sailing Season kicked off with a blast!

The first race, which was on September 1, saw the fleet racing in up to 32 knots. One tough start to any season!

The competition is as keen as ever, with 35 boats entered for the nine Mini-Regatta races of the season and 30 entries for the full Pointscore variant. Excellent racing is assured. The proof of this, is that there have been four different daily winners of the Races conducted so far and the last Mini-Regatta day saw three previous Etchells World Champion Helmsmen on the course.

We also welcome six boats new to the Fleet:

  • Viken - Marc Ryan and Colin Ryan
  • Magpie - Steve Jarvin and Graeme Taylor
  • The Hole Way - Cameron Miles and Grant Crowle
  • Itchy - Will Northam and James Watson
  • Fred - Phil Bennett and David Ritchard
  • Adolescence - Steve Billingham and James Arnold

The Committee has arranged for a series of Mid-week Education Evenings to be held. The first of these will be held later in October, with the famous coach, Mike Fletcher, coming in to address the gathering on Setting up and Tuning for Speed. The aim is to have one of these training/coaching evenings every Month.

From November 12 to 16, the RSYS will be hosting the Milson Goblets Twilight Regatta for Etchells. Racing each evening, from Monday to Friday and starting at 1750hrs on a relatively clear Sydney Harbour, is special treat. The 'Goblets' are open to all Fleets and will be followed on the Saturday with a Mini-Regatta of three races. We expect this will attract a large fleet and look forward to excellent Etchells racing. Entries can be made at RSYS Sailing Office. The Sydney Fleet can help arrange trailer and boat storage by contacting me via email ( or mobile, 0412 298 453.

Mini-Regatta of 8-9-2012

"Mini-Regatta of 8-9-2012"


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