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Brisbane: Game on in Brisbane. Literally!

14 October 2012 John Warlow

Tight racing seems to be guaranteed

"Tight racing seems to be guaranteed"

The 2012-2013 Season is well and truly underway for the Brisbane Fleet. A wonderful, awesome vibe is being experienced by all, most likely due to having 11 boats hitting the start line for our most recent club races.

The quality and standard of fleet racing has been exceptional, with the level of competition even inducing some mid-week training amongst fleet members. It would appear as if the upcoming Queensland Championship is being treated like the next intergalactic showdown.

Our two-day regatta planned for the last weekend in October is looking to be a winner, with many crews treating it as a training regatta for the States. Everyone is welcome and should have a think about leaving their boats at RQ for a few weeks before the Queensland Championships.

In fact why not do what Gordon Weiss from Sydney does? Gordon permanently keeps his boat at RQ (Manly) and flies up every fortnight to compete in our club championship races. He loves it for our fantastic Queensland weather, the beaut racetrack we get all to ourselves, great racing, and including his airfares, it still ends up cheaper than sailing in Sydney!! Sorry guys...

Success breeds success. Noted amongst other classes and the yachting fraternity for our fleet numbers and very close racing, the level of general enquiry has been exceptional. We are looking to turn this enquiry into bums on seats. With a good supply of boats on our hardstand, we see no reason why they should not all be out on the water and that remains our target this season.

Congratulations to 'Team Chewey' on dominating the recent Newcastle regatta, we are proud to have this standard to race against in our home fleet.

See you on the racetrack!

That certainly does look like good racing...

"That certainly does look like good racing..."


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