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Of parts, strings, newbies and Christmas presents!

14 October 2012 Phil Smidmore

Phil will deliver your new boat to you and give you a couple of extra gifts for Xmas

"Phil will deliver your new boat to you and give you a couple of extra gifts for Xmas"

Photo by:
Phil Smidmore

One of the great strengths of the Etchells class, is just how little effect a home World Championship has on the following season. A mere three months after the Sydney Worlds and the annual Mooloolaba regatta attracted many boats, with a lot of new blood coming along, too. Winter has seen some second-hand boat movements, including the purchase of these by a number of younger sailors and people who are new to the fleet. They are now setting sail as the new season commences.

We have sent a steady stream of various parts to all corners of the country, with the ever popular tapered spinnaker sheets selling well, as usual. Even though they do last a long time, their life often ends with a bang on a windy day, so replace them before they break. A few new ropes really do give your boat a nice lift. They look good, feel good and run better than hardened and furry old ropes.

Given the number of Brolga turnbuckles we have sold in recent years, I had thought there could be few Etchells without them, but leading into this season we have sold some seven or eight sets. Some of these are replacements for the old 8mm thread version, which we strongly recommend the replacement of. The Mk2, with their 10mm threads, which have been around for over five years now, are really giving great, reliable service. Just remember to keep the grease on them, as they work better and last longer if you do.

As usual, keel bungs are in high demand at the start of the season and my friends, the delightful Cockatoos, also ensure wind indicators don't get too old!

I recently received the first production run of the new Forespar pole beaks. There were some problems with the prototype run, but they have been sorted out and the production version works really well. The external pull, along with the hold open trigger, combine the best of Forespar's two older models and they're proving a hit with the people who have bought them.

It's not too late to give yourself the Christmas present you really deserve - a new Etchells. I have a hull in stock, which is being offered with a number of extras, such as an all-over cover, delivery and set up. Combined with the Association's reduced mould fee, which includes class membership, it means this boat is great buying. Call me to buy the boat and then you can call it whatever you like.

Good Sailing.

Buy the boat, grab your friends and go for a sail!

"Buy the boat, grab your friends and go for a sail!"

Photo by:
John Curnow


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