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Gosford: Young guns step forward

24 July 2012 Iain Turner

The Don out on the water at the Worlds.

"The Don out on the water at the Worlds."

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

It's been another great year of sailing on the beautiful Brisbane Waters. As with many other clubs on the Eastern Seaboard, the weather was, at best, frustrating and challenging. However, we've had the closest racing for several seasons, with many races separated by only seconds.

After six years as club champions, Pointless (John McDougall) has been relegated to second place. The final result was contested right up to and including the last race of the season.

The new Club Champions are the crew of AUS218 - GREENBACK, which is Luke Birch, Roy Leslie and Michael Law. Our congratulations go to the youngest skipper in the fleet, who also has the oldest boat! Deserving winners, all will agree. Interestingly, they will only hold the title of youngest for just the one year, as next season we have a new crew of young guns, some of which are still at school, joining the fleet. So that proves that Etchells are not just for us 'old guys'. Welcome aboard kids and remember to respect your elders and your boat!

We also have a past member returning after a few years out to enjoy his retirement. This will make eight boats racing every Saturday. It's a credit to all our sailors that we have a full fleet every week.

One of fleet has continued to ply the waters of the country. Don Wilson represented Gosford at the NSW, Australian and World titles and we are very proud of his achievements.

Iain Turner

Gosford Fleet


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