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24 July 2012 Greg Forgan-Smith

That certainly is one way to do offshore racing.

"That certainly is one way to do offshore racing."

The Gold Coast Fleet, together with Southport Yacht Club, will be hosting the 2012-13 Queensland Championships on the weekend of 24 and 25 November, 2012. Fellow Etchells owners from across Australia are invited to come and try the course, which is likely to be used for the 2013-14 Australian Titles, currently planned for staging in November of the following year. Kevin Wilson has been booked as the PRO and as you can imagine, he plans to set great courses offshore.

Already there are three boats from Interstate that have indicated they will be competing in our State titles this November. Boats can be launched from our Hollywell facility at any time if any owners want to try the course a day or two earlier, otherwise launching and running of the regatta will take place from our newly renovated Main Beach clubhouse.

Warm water and perfect weather are assured at this time of the year, without being too hot or stormy. Check out last years BoM record for November.

Please also remember that you will be on the Gold Coast, where the beer is cold, the accommodation is cheap and the cane toads play better football.

Mark it in your diaries and plan now!!!!!

Greg Forgan-Smith

Very handy facilities at SYC.

"Very handy facilities at SYC."


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