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Brownie Points

22 March 2012 John Curnow

Sailors talking tactics

"Sailors talking tactics"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

Since the last newsletter, Phil Smidmore and his team have delivered a total of three new boats, there are new VIC, WA, SA and World title holders, there's been fleet racing all over the country and for the most part, Hughie has come to the party, as well!

That's a lot of activity and a bunch of happy sailors. Well done to those that shone and got the silverware. Importantly, well done to all those that make it possible from club administration to race management, mark laying to results tabulation. The sweeping majority of whom are volunteers and without them, there'd simply be no racing and possibly no sailing, as cranes would not work and hardstands would be a mess.

There's always a little reminder in here to take your snaps and write some pieces for inclusion in this newsletter. We can certainly help you achieve this, so please make contact if you need assistance. A lot of sailors talk about how they get information from some of the greats and there appears to be some wonderful new people in the Class, so what about a story on either of those subjects, eh? The next newsletter is due in the colder months, so it would certainly be well received...

Talking about good jobs, I was on the water in early March in Melbourne and it was wet. Really wet thanks to a persistent, annoying and oh-so-soaking rain. There was enough breeze for racing, which was handy and as the wind was out of the ESE, the seaway did not have a lot of fetch to work with and build too much past the 0.75-1m mark. Soldiering on in that weather was the Melbourne Fleet, minus those that were in Sydney for the Worlds. If that does not say it all about Etchells, then I'm going to walk away from the keyboard.

So keep earning those brownie points, for Mooloolaba is just around the corner...

John Curnow


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