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Gosford: Etchells Fleet Update

8 December 2011 Don Wilson

Fleet under kites on Brisbane Waters in Gosford

"Fleet under kites on Brisbane Waters in Gosford"

Photo by:
Peter Walsh

We have seven boats racing this year, which is two down on last year. The racing has been close, however, with Luke Birch in Greenback, winning the most races. It may well be the oldest boat in the fleet, but we think the newly acquired sails certainly help their cause!!!

Don Wilson, aboard The Don, is next on the leaderboard, but currently leading the 'hitting other boats' tally, as it turns out... In a gusty Westerly, whilst duelling for the lead, he had a spectacular Chinese gybe and T-boned Neil McDonald's, Ivy, which brought their mast down. The crew of the eventual winner, Greenback, did make the comment that in order to come first, first you have to finish!

Other local race winners included John McDougall's Pointless and Neil McDonald's Ivy. The Don also competed in the NSW championships. Additionally, we have taken one potential new Etchells owner out for a couple of races, so we look forward to them coming on board.

Any moment now and that gun will go off!

"Any moment now and that gun will go off!"

Photo by:
Peter Walsh


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