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It's all about racing

8 December 2011 John Curnow

One design fleet racing

"One design fleet racing"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

Well that just has to be a good thing. All over the country, the Fleets are busy and that means sailors out on the water, having a wonderful time.

Congratulations to Phil Smidmore and his team for delivering boats and having the order pipeline virtually full, as well. This too, is simply fantastic to see after all the work that has gone in to the new vessel's development over the last few years.

More congratulations, as well. Firstly, to returning Queensland State Champion Vaughan Prentice and crew of Darren Hutchison, Mark Bradford and Stacey Jackson. Secondly, to Graeme Taylor, Steve Jarvin and Ben Morrison-Jack, for taking away the NSW title. However, it's not over yet. Before we get to the Nationals and ultimately Worlds, there are South Australia's four Championship race days from December 10 to January 14, the Victorian titles being staged out of the delightful Mornington from January 13 to 16 and then Metung will hold the East Gippsland title on Lake King, from January 27 to 29.

So it certainly will all be about racing over the next little while and then even more racing follows that, just before the next newsletter is due. Now what a lovely segue that is to remind everyone to please write your pieces and take your snaps. Without your material, this newsletter would not be what it is!

Finally, many fleets indicate strong interest in their activities, mostly from new sources. This is really wonderful, as it is such a crucial part of the Etchells' continued success and pre-eminence as THE O-D keelboat class.

Happy Silly Season and may it all be safe and truly enjoyable for you and your clan.


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