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GABO (Got A Bit On) in Etchells

6 October 2011 John Curnow

Tight fleet racing - must be Etchells

"Tight fleet racing - must be Etchells"

Photo by:
Alex McKinnon

It's busy times all over the country now with qualifiers for the 2012 Sydney Worlds underway for a lot of fleets. Sometimes this is in locations that offer less than balmy weather.

Soon the Pittwater Fleet will be running the NSW States from Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club. Then of course early next year they run Nationals and ultimately the Sydney Fleet hosts the world at the Worlds when they take place out of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron in February. In a way, Tasman Sea sailing begins on October 1 with the Lake Macquarie Fleet's Offshore Regatta, hosted out of Newcastle.

Talking of sailing offshore, new PFD regulations are arriving and once there is a clear position for events like the Worlds, we'll publish something here.

The call for your contributions continues, for it is these very stories that combine to make your newsletter what it is. It can be tips on towing, maintenance, hull repairs and of course, stories from a recent regatta. If you have something you want to work up into a piece, please email ( before deadline, so we can ensure it makes it in.

Final item then for this September newsletter is to welcome a new Australian President. Jake Gunther is known to many Etchells sailors and beyond. His hand is in play from his home fleet in Melbourne all the way to the board of international Governors.

Sustenance in between racing, but don't let the wrappers get in the bilge!

"Sustenance in between racing, but don't let the wrappers get in the bilge!"

Photo by:
Alex McKinnon


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