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14 July 2011 John Curnow

Noel Drennan wins the Victorian Etchells title, with

"Noel Drennan wins the Victorian Etchells title, with" Bill Merrington and Ben Morrison-Jack"

Photo by:
Alex McKinnon

One of the greatest things I get to do with this eNews is congratulate people and report on so many good things.

World Championships - well done to all of the Australian representatives. Special mentions to Noel Drennan and Michael Hiatt for their top ten standings. After the first, third and fifth in Ireland the year before, dare I say both these sailors are from Port Phillip?! Let alone, go so far as to say that seven of the 15 Aussie crews in San Diego hailed from the Bay...

Congratulations to Phil and the entire team related to the build of the first new Etchells from the moulds. Great to see it all come about and please read the latest article, with pics, elsewhere in this newsletter. Those in Melbourne will be able to see Ian Crisp's new vessel, shortly after reading this piece.

Contributions from the fleets are fantastic. It would be remiss of me not to thank Wayne Knill from Adelaide at this point, whose material is here, with pics, on time - every time. I know many other Fleet Captains circulate the request and it is really appreciated. Your input is gold, so if you have something you want to work up into a piece, please email ( before deadline, so we can ensure it makes it in.

Finally then, many cheers to Noel Paterson. Whilst I have not had the pleasure of meeting him in person yet, on the phone he's been marvelous and via email, always responding and reliable. Thank you for your support. I am glad the ticker's now as a good as Swiss watch. Happy sailing, pal...

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Cockpit fitout on the new Etchells from Phil and the team

"Cockpit fitout on the new Etchells from Phil and the team"


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