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Internet Advertising, Etchells Buy & Sell - Just a little reminder...

5 April 2011 Kylie Wilson

Buy and Sell on the Etchells website

"Buy and Sell on the Etchells website"

It certainly is the most powerful tool for communicating with others effectively. However, like anything that has power, there are also checks and balances that need to be reviewed.

Buyer beware may well be one of the oldest sayings in the book, but these days, seller beware seems to be just as pertinent. We have had a few members let us know that they have received some very interesting contacts from individuals purporting to be genuine buyers of vessels or equipment. Apart from the exceptional bad English that accompanies these requests, look out for the lack of knowledge on sailing and Etchells in the material sent to you. Naturally, anything asking for bank details before you have even done a deal would be enough to pique anyone's dubious button.

Ultimately, this is just a reminder to check everything. The first email may seem harmless enough and if you get an SMS where the number doesn't work and it asks you to use only email, then you can be readily suspicious.

It can be called scamming, phishing and a multitude of other names or acronyms. What it definitely can be described as is NBG or NQR.


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