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Builder's Report - New Etchells Commenced (...At last)

5 April 2011 Phil Smidmore

Work on the fun stage of building after all the effort has gone into the moulds.

"Work on the fun stage of building after all the effort has gone into the moulds."

The layup of the first Etchells from the new moulds commenced in March, with an anticipated delivery to its owner, long-time Melbourne fleet member Ian Crisp, in late May, 2011. After a lot of work by a number of people, it really is a great feeling to be building a boat at last. In the building of the new moulds, a lot of effort went into ensuring we had all the details right and as building and fit-out proceed, a lot of effort will go into ensuring we produce an all-round, top quality product.

Along with a changed deck tread and a different hull to deck join, we have also made new floor and console moulds, so the new boat will really have a new look. We have built a new, bigger spinnaker box mould, which will allow us to easily add weight down low in the boat, as many of you are now requesting. Our new fibreglass tiller is much stiffer and stronger, with the incorporation of a horizontal flange. As has always been the case, the boat is available as a 'bare hull', through to a complete, delivered and ready to sail product.

The fit out is the result of many years of evolution, gradually incorporating new products and ideas, as they come along and prove their worth. Only top quality fittings and equipment are used and we have put a lot of energy into getting the little things right, so the boat is both functional and strong. It has always been my aim to produce a boat that can be delivered complete and ready to win races 'straight out of the box' and importantly, keep winning for many years thereafter. Items such as Brolga turnbuckles, tapered sheets, compass, etc, which are considered by some as 'extras', are all standard equipment on our complete boats.

I'm anticipating our order book filling quickly with the Sydney Worlds less than a year away. Jan Muysken, who is now living in the UAE, has just confirmed his order for that regatta.

Good Etchellsing.

The mould already has another hull to make after this one.

"The mould already has another hull to make after this one."


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