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2010 IGC Chairman's Report

10 December 2010 Bill Steele

Bill Steele (50) with Peter McNeill (25) at the 2010 Worlds.

"Bill Steele (50) with Peter McNeill (25) at the 2010 Worlds."

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Thank you for the support I have received over the past couple of years from the IGC.
As your soon to be past Chairman, I shall watch with interest, the results of the election at the end of the year. I wish my successor the same support and advice as I have enjoyed.


I believe the class financials, as presented by David Ritchard, show the class is surviving the current financial woes around the world and I thank David Ritchard for his work as our Treasurer and Sherri Campbell for her efforts in helping David with his requests for information. I believe the point that David makes about the collection of National levies is very valid and National Authorities must be made aware of their obligation in collecting these levies from their members, to fund the running of the class and the expectations they have of the class.

Rules Rewrite.

After a torturous four years of negotiations, I believe our rules are rewritten in a format acceptable to ISAF. This has been mainly due to the enormous effort of Governor and Honorary Life Member, Ian Kingsford Smith. His eye for detail and prodigious work ethic have produced a document that I believe must be acceptable to ISAF. Another Honorary Life Member and Governor, Tim Patton, with his past experience of six years as Chairman of the IGC and consequent contact with ISAF, has been our main liaison with ISAF on this matter. He has worked hard to diplomatically overcome some objections they have raised from time to time. In my role as Chairman, I have also been in contact with ISAF trying to resolve some of the nitty gritty in getting our rules accepted into their format. I now believe that the way forward is to present our rules as formulated by Ian Kingsford Smith and his small committee in the main, to the membership for their approval, believing that these rules will have ISAF's imprimatur. Again, I would like to thank Ian Kingsford Smith, Tim Patton, Chris Clarke and his ODT members, along with all the IGC for their contributions to this four year saga, which seems to have taken many reciprocated emails and phone calls to my place in Perth!

One Design Technical Committee.

The strictness of our one design class is indeed its strength and this strength is largely due to diligence and hard work of Chris Clarke and his committee of Jake Gunther, Vince Brun, Alan Gray and Bruce Nelson. We are fortunate to have such erudite professionals looking after our class, in such a pragmatic and professional manner. Due to Chris Clarke and his committee, we have scans of the hulls from recent and current builders and the plug. This is enabling the Australian Association to build a new mould from the scan of the plug and the resulting hull to be scanned to maintain the one design integrity of the new mould.

The ODT has also done extensive research in crew weights of three persons versus four persons crews, which appear to show that heavier crews are usually favoured in the results, but not a bias towards numbers of crew.

Sail Measurers and Makers.

Recently North Sails in the UK were approved to measure sails coming from their UK one design loft. It is to be hoped that this trend will continue to all lofts, to make the instigation of a royalty payment to the class a reality, as is the practice in other classes and thus raise money for the running of the class. This should be a priority, as soon as our new rule format is passed.


Denis Heywood continues to give sterling service as our Chief Measurer, along with providing guidance to the class and its measurers. Some fleets have complained about some hulls being tampered with, to improve their performance. I would urge those fleets to ask for those hulls to be re-measured, rather than complain and slur the integrity of the owner and the class. I would be confident that owners having nothing to hide will be happy to have their hulls re-measured, at the fleet's expense! It has become apparent during the rules rewrite that some National Associations are not affiliated to their national Authority. In time, this will cause conflict with our rule and should be rectified. Hopefully this will also help in One Design Management being able to gather a complete record of measurement certificates and membership details internationally, as a matter of some urgency.

The bulk of the above report is taken from the chairman's' to the IGC at their meeting in Dublin just prior to the World Championships and the IECA AGM the next day. In conclusion I would like to thank Sherri and ODM for their hard work for the class and patience with the Chairman.

Bill Steele
Chairman IGC IECA


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