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Sydney: Busy times on the Harbour...

10 December 2010 Kylie Wilson

Not a lot of breeze, but looks good.

"Not a lot of breeze, but looks good."

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

Out on Sydney Harbour on November 20, the Etchells had a mini regatta that included some qualifying races for the 2011 Worlds.

There was a light Sou'easter blowing that was a little light and shifty, but it sure did make for good shots. The start was in Taylor's Bay and in the first two of the three races on the day, the right side of the course was favoured. In the third, the middle and then left side became the preferred choice.

One thing that nobody could argue with was the black flag that kept everyone in check and no one dared make that choice, thankfully. Wins on the day went to Jervis Tilley's Bushfire, Matt Whitnall's Umami and Glenn Nattrass', Ganesh.
An old sail number also made an appearance on the day. AUS 511 was out and the waterways were rife with scuttlebutt that the boat was bought to qualify for the 2011 San Diego Worlds, where there might be a new(er) boat waiting. Who knows?

Adding to the excitement and glamour of it all where the maxis competing in the Cabbage Tree Island race, who sailed back into Sydney Harbour at blistering speeds through the fleet. The Etchells were on starboard tack at the time, but chose to let them sail through... Might is right, after all.

The next mini regatta and Worlds qualifiers are on December 18: fun and games to continue...

Kylie Wilson

And through they went...

"And through they went..."

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,


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