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Builder's Report - New Plug Takes Shape.

10 December 2010 Phil Smidmore

The mould takes shape.

"The mould takes shape."

The manufacture of our new plug is now well underway at Mould Cam, in Brisbane. We are planning for Denis Heywood to put the templates on it in mid December and we hope to take possession prior to Xmas.

Production had been delayed while the scan data from the original plug was transformed into a usable cutting file. Tim Clark, our Geelong Fleet Captain, who is as a designer at Ford Australia, did these works. Tim put in long hours at his computer to bring the file together and his contribution has been more than priceless.

Meanwhile we have been making our new deck, console and floor moulds and these are looking good. Our new deck tread will use less gelcoat and be easier to repair. The new hull to deck join will save us production time, so we can focus even more on the really important items such as keel, rudder and skeg. I have been working on some great new layout features and am very excited to be getting close to being able to produce the first new boat. I do not propose a price rise for 2011, even though the layout specification has been upgraded.

In other news, we are just completing a batch of 18 masts, so we will have good stock for the rest of summer. We have changed the spreader base reinforcing and to comply with a "lost" class rule, we have changed the detailing of the bottom sheave box. Class Rules specify that the sail track must be flared, rather than cut away for the lower two sheave boxes. We have previously flared the top box, but cut away for the bottom box. Most other spar makers have been cutting away for both boxes, but Denis Heywood has pulled everyone into line.

In the past year we sold over 20 masts including nine that were exported. In Ireland at the World Championship, nearly half of the top 13 boats used our masts.

Sales of various parts have also stepped up now that summer is here and the boats are out racing again. Tapered sheets and mast chocks are very popular at present.

I'm very much looking forward to producing the first boats from the new moulds and seeing them go out and win races.

Phil Smidmore.

This shows the plug having its second cut, post the epoxy filler application.

"This shows the plug having its second cut, post the epoxy filler application. "


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